Green stations

Ourense - Stations for Inland Tourism

In the province of Ourense, Adif owns some stations that have over time become obsolete. Galicia is at the same time preparing and modernising its railway infrastructure to receive the High Speed train in the near future.

both Adif, via the Directorate for Heritage and Urban Development, and its Asturias and Galicia Office have analysed the possibility of restoring these old stations and adapting them to the new uses required in each area, and for which full refurbishment work shall be undertaken

All of them share the special feature that they belong to lines that are not closed to traffic even if they have few trains. To ensure safe operations, a priority of Adif, a forward point was built, independent of the passenger building.

For Adif, as well as meaning an enhancement to railway infrastructure, this project also represents sustainable support for the area that surrounds the stations, an area declared to be a Community Place of Interest (C.P.I) by the European Union.


Granting use to INORDE

Having obtained the information and projects that the INORDE (Ourense Institute for Economic Development) had been carrying out in the province, this body was summoned to give the necessary impulse to this property, restoring its buildings and other adjoining constructions so they may be used as areas for leisure, tourism, nature, culture etc

INORDE, considered the initiative to be feasible, being set within the framework of developing and encouraging inland tourism in Galicia, with the help of the Ourense Provincial Council and the European Union itself.

Stations included in this agreement and which have work that is practically finished are:

On the Zamora-A Coruña line

  • Santa Cruz de Arrabaldo
  • Vilar de Barrio
  • Baños de Molgas
  • Castrelo do Val- Campobecerros
  • Vilavella - A Mezquita

On the Vigo - Monforte de Lemos line.

  • Os Peares