Conventional lines

Productive processes

Production Processes in Infrastructure Maintenance include all of the operative and maintenance work. They are divided in three activities relating to the technical specialties of infrastructure, tracks, signaling, electrification and telecommunications:

Esquema con las actividades de las que constan los procesos productivos
  • Improvement works; work that is not included in maintenance tasks and that contributes to an increase in installation reliability and services, as well as a progressive technological modernization.
  • Preventive maintenance, which through different projects strives to bring the required quality standards to the installations, minimizing the possibility of incidents.
  • Corrective maintenance, which takes care of the work necessary to resolve incidents or breakdowns.

New maintenance management

In 2004 the strategic decision was made to computerize these processes, as a boost to the new maintenance management and with a clear future vision for Infrastructure Maintenance.

With the computerization of the productive processes a new profile of maintenance activities became visible, allowing us to increase systems availability.

Thanks to this way of working, which will allow centralization of resources and efforts in the activities of greatest added value, we are going to optimize preventive maintenance, better manage inspection activities, reducing incidents and thus increase the availability of the systems.

Management systems

We have a geographical information system,GEOMIF, able to provide all the operative information, which together with our other operative management systemSFINGEfor high-service, improves, facilitates and supports all of our maintenance activities at any level.