Conventional lines

Quality and Participation

Infrastructure Maintenance has obtained the ISO 9001:2000, 14.001:1996 Regulations Certifications, and the OHSAS 18.001 Standard, which puts us in a privileged position in the railway infrastructure maintenance field. Moreover, we are one of the first companies in our country to receive the certification for an Integrated Management System.


Infrastructure Maintenance’s human team participates frequently in the Annual Quality Participation Contest, where the workers exhibit initiatives on operation and management improvements through Initiative and Improvement Groups (IIG) and Initiative and Improvement Teams (IIT).

With the computerization of the productive processes, in 2004 a new maintenance activities profile was obtained that increases systems availability, better managing inspection activities and reducing incidents.


In 2003, Infrastructure Management implemented an Environmental Management System in compliance with ISO Regulation 14.001:96. A series of General Procedures and Specific Procedures of the different technical specialties were developed in which the environmental aspects affected by each activity were identified.

27 waste management points were fitted out, distributed throughout the territory covered by the Delegations, Maintenance Managements/Headquarters and the Track Technology Center, as well as two waste management points more for the Central Laboratory and the administrative buildings.

The waste management points contribute very effectively and rationally to the commitment that Adif has undertaken as an organization that is environmentally friendly and to the personal satisfaction of each of the Infrastructure Management workers, who can carry out their routine work in a manner compatible with sustainable development.

Aside from the projects directly connected with the maintenance of railway infrastructures, there are a series of tasks developed in the offices and work team bases that also have an environmental impact. With these tasks in mind a series of Environmental Best Practices was developed, centered on the reduction of electricity and water consumption and on waste management.

Labor safety and health

In 2006 our organization became certified under the OHSAS 18.001 Standard, once AENOR had ensured that our management in Occupational Safety and Health satisfied the requirements of said standard.

The OHSAS certification is considered the highest level of international requirements in Occupational Risk Prevention, and demonstrates an adaption in this subject beyond the minimum requirements of applicable legislation.

With this certification of its Infrastructure Management, Adif became the first European railway organization to become certified under this regulation, adding Occupational Safety and Health to the management integrated in compliance with the rules of ISO Quality Management 9001 and ISO Environmental 14001, certified previously in this Executive Management.