Technical Areas


Over the course of time new technologies have been introduced in the Conventional Lines that have transformed the classic signaling devices, such as interlocks, blocks, remote controls, track circuits, etc. The modernization undergone in railway transport has strengthened the introduction of new products such as electronic interlocks (electronic failsafe), continuous track circuits, automatic piloting systems (ATP-LZB), …

The increase in the number of trains and the increase in their speed have a major repercussion on the methods and intervals of maintenance work and repair of breakdowns. The appropriate planning of the activities to be carried out, as well as rigorous compliance with their programming, makes it possible to ensure the levels of functionality and safety required by our clients in spite of the reduction of the time reserved for maintenance. The reduction in the number of breakdowns and, primarily, their length, is a clear indication of the management system implemented.

In this sense, we have evaluated the condition and functionality of the installations, monitoring and analyzing the indices of accidents and incidents, and we have developed a system of permanent updates of their inventory (SITOI). In the area of operations our equipment has been provided with the most up-to-date communications and transport systems.

The integration of new, modern installations, the result of our work together with construction companies in designing them, has been carried out by integrating prototypes that have later made possible the deployment of the existing signaling systems. These activities, carried out on installations in use, involve a series of particularities derived from the need to maintain the old installation operative while the project is being executed. For this reason we had to establish project management methods completely different from those used in a new construction.

The most notable systems installed in the last few years are:

  • Centralized traffic control: 8,304 (km. of track)
  • Electric interlocks: 534
  • Electronic interlocks: 426