Conventional lines

Technical areas

The correct maintenance of the entire infrastructure requires continuous improvement of methods, procedures and planning techniques for the actions that are developed throughout five areas of great technical specialization:

  • Infrastructure
  • Tracks
  • Signaling
  • Electrification
  • Telecommunications

Adif has the most advanced techniques and products in infrastructure equipment and participates in specialized international forums (UIC, CEN, CENELEC) with the goal of leading advances in the sector, both defining and implementing the strategic plans necessary for the elimination of obsolete equipment.


According to this study, the results in terms of cost of maintenance per kilometer of main track in Spain are optimum and are clearly differentiated from the average.

INFRACOST is a benchmarking study carried out by the UIC (International Railway Union) which analyzes maintenance costs of the principal European railways (12 companies). The analysis was made by two international consultancies – one German and one Swiss – over a recent period.