Infrastructures and Stations

Adif’s basic mission is to link via rail the different stations dotted around our country. A mission it is committed to undertaking safely. This job demands a constant effort to maintain and keep our tracks, overhead distribution system, signalling systems, traffic control centres, and of course, our stations, in perfect condition.

In addition to this infrastructure maintenance mission, we are also involved in the building of new high-speed lines, to which both European Union funds, through subsidies from the Cohesion Funds, EDRF and TEN-T programmes, as well as loans from the EIB, have significantly contributed. These new lines meet with the highest quality standards.

The rail connection of the different territories demands the undertaking of enormous engineering projects (viaducts, tunnels, etc.), which Adif takes on with its sights firmly set on producing an economic return, while at the same time implementing its social investment policy.

The railway system is one in which each cog plays an essential role so that over 5,000 trains can run on the Spanish railway system every day, carrying passengers and freight safely, quickly and on time.

This section provides details on railway infrastructure components, both with respect to tracks (platform, rails, electrification, signalling, building of viaducts, tunnels, etc.), as well as on the passenger station services and logistics centres.

Railway Stations

Railway stations are key settings within the rail transport system, where the needs of both passengers and those who come to meet, or send them off, have to be met. Needs such as accessibility, the fitting-out of its different spaces and the provision of the rail services themselves (information, ticket sales and customer services).

Beyond the mere provision of rail services, Adif wishes to make these spaces available to the general public, to which end, it is facilitating and supporting numerous culturally related activities, as well as art and social awareness campaigns by way of its Open Station Programme, or simply presenting them as integrating spaces of public activity in its commercial areas.

Passenger railway network

By means of this interactive map you can learn about high-speed (international gauge) and conventional rail passenger service lines, as well as accessing information on the main railway stations.

Logistic Services

Adif, a través de su área de Servicios Logísticos, pone a disposición de sus clientes su red de instalaciones de servicio, para resolver las necesidades vinculadas a la logística del tren y de las mercancías que transporta.

Igualmente puede prestar otros servicios que aporten valor añadido a la cadena de transporte ferroviario

Heritage Management

Moreover, Adif is committed to responsibly managing its heritage (link) and town planning in accordance with Ministerio de Fomento guidelines, plans and programmes, and in close collaboration with other Adif Direcciones, Autonomous Communities, Town Councils and sector real estate agents.