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Deregulation of the Railway Sector Summary

ADIF has contributed to the Freight Railway Sector Deregulation with two main projects:

  • By streamlining the issuance of the reports to the Ministry of Public Works necessary for the concession to railway companies of the Licences and Authorisations to operate in the General Interest Railway Network (REFIG).
  • By Reducing the legal timeframe for the Authorisations of Siding Connection to the General Interest Railway Network (REFIG).

Concession of Licences, Authorisations and Safety Certificate.

The Network Managed by ADIF allows free access to railway companies that have a Licence/Authorisation, to carry out national or international freight railway transport.

To date, the Ministry of Public Works has granted the railway company licences and Authorisations that, along with a list of safety certificates, appear in the following information in the chronological order in which they were granted.

Authorisations of Siding Connections to the REFIG.

List of companies with privately owned railway infrastructures for the execution of connections with the General Interest Railway Network, location of connections, activity and authorisation dates.