Electronic Invoicing

Supplier invoicing

Starting from June 2017, the Railway Infrastructure Manager (from the Spanish Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias - ADIF) has implemented the electronic reception of invoices from its suppliers as well as centrally and digitally handling the invoices received.


For the correct performance of this process, administrative procedures and specific controls have been established that guarantee the correct management of these invoices. This means that it will be mandatory for us to have additional information, without which it will not be possible to process the received invoices.

The information that must be included in invoices is as follows:

  • The ADIF contract number under which the invoice is issued; or the Management Centre Code, for management invoices without a contract.
  • Email address of the ADIF staff member responsible for this commercial relationship.

For invoices that must include the Management Centre on behalf of ADIF due to the lack of a contract, the corresponding information must be provided for each requested job.

ADIF provides its suppliers with different invoice input channels

  • 1. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    Availability of an electronic invoice in a format to be integrated in the ADIF systems, with the Electronic Invoice format included.
  • 2. Reception of invoices by email, in PDF format (one file per invoice) at the following email address:
  • facturacion@adif.es
    It is recommended to indicate the issuer's tax ID in the email's subject to facilitate identification. Sending invoices over email offers: greater processing speed, security and traceability of the entire process, and environmental sustainability.
  • 3.- Access to the online Invoice Platform, possibility of directly loading invoices through the online portal
    You can also continue to send invoices in paper format, but their traceability is not guaranteed. The address to which paper invoices must be sent is the following. Invoices sent to different addresses will not be accepted: Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (ADIF), Apartado de Correos 61243, 28080 Madrid. Please send a request to facturae@adif.es to join the electronic data exchange (EDI) channel.

Information for ADIF-Alta Velocidad suppliers: