Learn about Adif

Adif, the Administrator of Railway Infrastructures, is a state-owned company that answers to the Ministerio de de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana. Adif plays a leading role in promoting the railway sector, working towards converting it into the ideal mode of transport and facilitating access to the infrastructure under fair conditions.


Its aim is to promote the Spanish railway system by means of the development and management of a safe, efficient and sustainable infrastructure to the highest quality standards in environmental terms.


Adif is in charge of:

  • administrating rail infrastructures (tracks, stations, freight terminals, etc).
  • managing rail traffic
  • distributing capacity to rail operators
  • the collection of fees for infrastructure, station and freight terminal use.

All of the foregoing is accomplished in a spirit of responsible social commitment to the general public. A social responsibility that is founded on ethical principles as regards management and the role of the company in society. Transparency and dialogue with groups of interest forms the backbone of this policy, the end goal of which is to contribute, from an integrated perspective, to the sustainability of the development provided by our activity.

Entrance hall to the María Zambrano station in Málaga