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Adif's imagotypes in its three versions (colour, black and white)

The corporate brand synthesises and visually expresses the company's identity, thus projecting our values ​​and aspirations. Starting from the brand's basic elements, a graphic language with its own personality is developed that is reflected in the different environments and supports.

The visual and conceptual territory defined by the Adif brand identifies and differentiates us, transmitting the vision and business purpose, and reflecting our value proposition to the society in which that purpose is translated. Thus, based on the brand, the axis that articulates the entity's narrative is built: at Adif we work to improve people's lives, assuming and deploying a firm commitment to a truly sustainable model of mobility and society.

Adif's business reality is identified with:

  • A public service of quality railway infrastructure, the backbone of the territory, operated in a neutral way in a dergulated environment with new railway operators and with priority on traffic safety.
  • An effective, efficient and transparent management, which is committed to a strategic vision based on our responsibility as a public service entity and focused on sustainable development from an integral perspective.

The Adif brand represents its commitment to society in the following values:

Representation of brand messages on the image of a tree leaf
  • Natural.
    The colours associated with nature express the commitment to the environment and the use of resources to balance the environment.
  • Solid.
    The solidness of the Brand reflects the strength and security of a company that manages the country’s railway infrastructures in an optimal way, improving day by day and adapting to the new market needs.
  • Human.
    The rounded, gentle and smooth lines speak of a company that is open to all, socially committed, run by people for people, accessible, with a friendly treatment that anticipates the needs and expectations of all citizens.
  • Evocative.
    The Brand incorporates elements that suggest its field of activity: the tracks that run into the horizon put us in contact and facilitate the progress of society; the triangular shape of the symbol and its colour give it a natural and landscaped character, as well as a solid geometry and the hint of the A for Adif.

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Download Adif imagotypes

Adif's imagotypes in its three versions (colour, black and white)

Compressed .zip-type files containing png and jpg formats in their dimensions 2,693 x 823 pixels.