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Catalogue of areas for filming and events

Image of the catalogue of areas for filming and events

Adif has a number of railway facilities distributed throughout the peninsula, from modern and innovative high-speed stations to others in a more historical style with a special atmosphere which comes with the passage of time, like the Francia Station in Barcelona.

Iberian, international and narrow gauge lines, logistical centres for goods, technical facilities, service galleries and all types of railway facilities which are at your disposal for filming such as industrial plants, warehouses, offices and different types of enclosures.
Some of our premises are also available for holding different types of events.
Adif can provide all those interested with a new premises catalogue/website which can be searched by type or geographical location for the premises you require for each of your projects.
The premises are classified as modern, historical, classic and small stations, railway halts, logistical centres and industrial premises, other railway infrastructures and unique premises.

  • Catalogue of areas for filming and events
  • Apart from the areas included in the catalogue we have other railway and general locations, such as plots of land, warehouses, buildings, etc. which may be used for audiovisual projects.

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If you have a project which requires any of the premises which we manage, please fill in the following request:

What can we offer?

Filming in a station

Our doors are open to professionals in the sector providing facilities for them to undertake their projects, be they film productions, television series, advertising spots, video clips and documentaries, as well as all kinds of photo reports. Adif provides solutions, management, support and backing for every production interested in our premises.
If you have an audiovisual project, we have the location you need.

Coordination and management with other companies related to the railway

Filming in a station

On many occasions, the Adif film area undertakes projects in close collaboration with other companies related to the railway, such as RENFE, the passenger and goods train operator, the Railway Museum and the companies responsible for managing areas such as the car parks at a large number of stations.</p>
 <p>These companies have their own management departments. You will find their contact details here below: