Technology products

Adif maintains its firm commitment to R&D&I and to making Spain a world leader in railway technology. The technological products presented in this section are the result of these efforts. Each of them is a reliable and proven solution to a particular aspect of railway operation. All of them have the endorsement of being implemented in the railway network that Adif manages and some have been more widely used, having been transferred to the international market and incorporated into other rail systems.
Adif puts these technology products and its R&D&I in infrastructure on the market to maintain the railway as the safest, most reliable, efficient and sustainable form of transport. In short, a railway for the future with state-of-the-art technology.


If you are interested in any of the following technology products, you can contact the Technology Innovation Area at this email address:

Technological innovation products

The following link gives access to the catalogue of technological innovation products developed by Adif, to which all new developments will be added

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