R&D&i proposals

R&D&i collaboration

All proposals and ideas that reach the Engineering and Innovation Department are studied and evaluated in accordance with Adif’s R&D&i management system.

Once a preliminary examination checking for compliance with Adif’s R&D&i guidelines has been passed, the 'Subdirección de Innovación y desarrollo Tecnológico' appoints an expert in the subject area concerned to carry out the evaluation process. The evaluator analyses the proposal’s technological and economic viability and issues a report. This is used in deciding whether to accept the proposal and, if appropriate, place it in Adif’s projects portfolio, or reject it. An explanation will always be given, which may include a recommendation to the proposer to redraft and resubmit the proposal. 

If the proposal is accepted, consideration will be given to negotiating a confidentiality agreement, as well as agreements on ownership of the results and commercial rights, as appropriate. 

Alternatively, the system allows the idea to be referred to the Quality and Environment department if, instead of meeting R&D&i criteria, it is found to meet those of quality."