Company commitment and strategy

As a public service company, Adif is at the service of the whole of society. Therefore, we are guided by a strategy that aims for our results and impacts to contribute, as much as possible, to improving people's lives. That is our ultimate goal and our fundamental commitment: to work every day, as managers and administrators of the railway network, to help improve people's lives.

Our company strategy is based on the responsibility we have to effectively respond to internal and external challenges, bearing in mind that we must do so at all times by balancing economic, social and environmental aspects, thus contributing to a model of development and progress that is truly sustainable.

Adif is tasked with managing a large part of rail infrastructure investment and managing the high-speed network, as well as the Rail Network of State Interest. Bearing in mind that this is our main activity, and assuming the legal framework that regulates our activity and the public policies developed by the Ministry of Public Works, we have defined our vision, mission and values:


Our vision is to align the entire organisation towards a sustainable infrastructure development so that current and future generations can have a better life. 


Our mission is to design, build and manage railway infrastructures to contribute to the welfare of people, generating value for our stakeholders through all our areas of activity. 



  • Commitment. We are strongly committed to the country's economic development, with social and territorial cohesion and respect for the environment, while knowing that our work has a high impact on society and the natural environment.
  • Service. We owe it to the general interest and we are aware that, as a public company, we work to offer citizens a quality service that is sustainable and, above all, safe.
  • Professionalism. We work with rigour and dedication, offering the best of ourselves, all our talent and all our passion at the service of citizens
  • Integrity. We manage the public resources entrusted to us by citizens with integrity, transparency and efficiency.